Holloway Diamonds

It all happened mostly by coincidence, youth naivety and whole lot of luck. On the way, some great people whipped me into good, reasonable and prosperous ways. Without them I would still be that long-haired guy clenching my gems in my pocket as in the 70ies.

I graduated as a geologist in 1972

After graduating I did a few tough laboring jobs for 9 months and saved enough to do Asia to London on $1 a day. I bought my first gems on the way and did not get ripped off like most backpackers. Who said geology is a useless field? When I got to London, in theory I was going to sell the gems to retail jewellers and go back for more. Well, as it turned out I wasn’t able to sell things to people. Not even talk to them.

I still had all those gems, what do I do with them? I bought some tools and began making jewellery in my shared bedroom in London. To this day I have never had a formal lesson, but growing up in the house that Dad built, I never knew that there were things one could not do. We had a workshop at home with every tool known.

Working for others – I worked, I learned and I left

I had a great job in London as a geology assistant at University College. When I returned (by plane) nearly 2 years later all my geologist mates were working as camp cooks and tyre changers on the promise of real geo job when the boom that busted picked up again. I thought “this jewel making thing could be a good career” and I got a job working as sales assistant for 18 months. This was great because the owners had a wonderful Sales Tax delaying system that I copied. While working there I began copying the stock and developed a knack for making chains.

Starting my business – Precious Metals in 1976

I rented a small shop in Canterbury, Melbourne and lived upstairs. My 2 daughters were born there. I handmade gold chains for wholesaler and developed retail business. We grew at 1 person each year, roughly equal number of sales people to jewellers. From the very beginning, I’ve always been about personal customized service.

Through the 80ies and 90ies

Business grew and I became more and more passionate about custom service and quality of jewellery we provided. I won a few design awards. Invented Ideal-Scope (but kept it to myself at this stage).

I finished my diploma in Diamond Technology and later lectured the subject for a while. I became a TV and newspaper star warning people about phony jewellery discounters.

In 1985 I purchased our first computer stock management program ARMS. That was revolutionary back then. It’s been working well for us ever since, even though I’ve been told to replace it for something “newer and better” for years!

Late 1990ies – Diamonds ‘Cut Nut’ was born

I started my direct overseas buying in 1993 with my buying group. I started direct relationships with many diamond polishing companies. I taught them how to use Ideal-Scope to select small diamonds we set in our jewellery.

In 1997, we started business with first really large diamond purchases. That was beginning of me getting lost in Diamond Cut research.

They call me ‘Cut Nut’ for a reason.

I started meeting and collaborating with leading global researchers and labs. Developed and patented Holloway Cut Adviser (HCA) and Ideal-Scope. Became a shareholder of Pricescope.

Finally, in 2006 I renamed my business to Holloway Diamonds.