Looks Like Size

In 2018 I started making a small charge for HCA use (first 3 are free). That was to fund further development to enable a prediction of how big a round diamond looks relative to its carat weight as an add on to HCA. Using the (badly rounded) data from GIA diamond grading reports we take the actual measurements as well as a predicted leakage of light at the edges of the diamond. The sad fact is 80% of round diamonds look smaller than diamonds that weigh 5% less and usually cost 30% less. HCA-LL guides trade and consumers in their choice. This edge leakage is a big contributor to smaller appearance. If you don’t what ‘leakage’ is please drop in to either Holloway Diamonds store and we will give you a handy Ideal-Scope card, or buy the real thing and or an ASET scope at www.ideal-scope.com

I developed a few other diamond cut patents during 2000’s with my Russian research associates.