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After completing geology degree and backpacking through Asia buying gems I completed the Gemological Association of Australia (GAA) Gemology Diploma and then began the Diamond Technology Diploma course (where I studied and developed the Ideal-Scope and was awarded a medal).

After graduating, lectured the Victorian course, and was chosen as National Convener of the Diamond Diploma course. My science & gemology background has been useful in training both the industry and millions of consumers world over on Pricescope.com and HollowayDiamonds.com.au.

Vale Corinne Sutherland

From Terry Coldham, Chair Australian Gemmologist, Editorial committee

GAA Journal July 2013

It was with great sadness that in June this year that Honorary Life Member Corinne Sutherland passed away. In 1983 it was resolved that the Sutherland Diamond Award would be given to the student receiving the highest marks, with distinction, in the Diploma in Diamond Technology course nationally.

It is fitting that Corinne is remembered in this issue as it includes an important and innovative article on Corrines’ favourite gemstone; the diamond and one of the authors – Mr Garry Holloway – was the recipient of the Sutherland Medal in 1985.

This article consumes the entire magazine and reports on the extensive investigations of the Diamond Cut Research Project examining just how our perceptions of a diamond’s beauty relate to human vision.

The Gemmological Association (GAA) extends its deepest sympathy to her family.

Teaching really is one of the best ways to learn. The tough questions student ask often require a delayed response and some research and study. In debates on the PS Rocky Talky forum about hundreds of diamond topics have resulted in many challenging studies. The result is there are many things I know about diamonds, but the more one learns the more one realizes there is so much more to learn. For example research projects with the Cut Group like the article in the Australian Gemmologist. That 40 page study describes how human stereo visual properties determine the perception of a diamond’s appearance, its performance attributes of brilliance, scintillation and fire, and how these influence beauty.

“There is no better way to learn than to teach” Benjamin Whichcote

International lectures include the Mediterranean International Gem Conference, Cyprus, American Gem Society and JCK jewellery trade show, both in Las Vegas. Australian are too many to mention, but include one day diamond lectures in most capitals for both the GAA and the National Council of Jewellery Valuers (NCJV).

In 2004 the Cut Group of Sergey Sivovolenko, Janak Mistry and Yuri Shelementiev, we held the first Diamond Cut Conference in Moscow. Famous Gabi Tolkowsky MC’d and major diamond cutting manufacturers attended. All major labs attended and presented except GIA who were told by their lawyers that attending could breach fair trade laws because all their competitors were going.

For the past two years I have been studying fluorescence effects on diamonds after disagreeing with a US gemologist Michael Cowing. I have become more and more convinced that I can identify fluorescent diamonds that have negative effects like haziness when UV is present. And in-fact that near visible Ultra Violet has a greater positive colour bleaching / whitening effect than the sun-burning shorter wave UV.